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Resolut directed by René Schweitzer, Alex Negret, Jonas Bock, Romina Ecker, Jovana Reisinger, Luise Lindner, Elena Hell and Aline Bender; it’s a very grim short with great performances about two imprisoned women. One is severely injured and the other one… Continue Reading

Saatanan Kanit

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Teemu Niukkanen’s Saatanan Kanit (Fucking Bunnies in the english version) is an absurd comedy about a “normal” man pushed too far and the limits of tolerance, but aside from its themes, it is also just a guaranteed good time. With a… Continue Reading


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When the train doors fail to open at the train station, the people inside get understandably irked. But when the same happens at the following stop, and the one after that, things quickly start to get out of hand. Animals… Continue Reading


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Polaroid is a dark and stylish thriller that made a splash on the festival circuit in 2015. Set in a large Norwegian farmhouse in the middle of winter, two young ladies, Sarah and Linda, are clearing the place out after the… Continue Reading

In a nutshell

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From a seed to war, from meat to love, from indifference to apocalypse. An attempt to capture the world in a nutshell. A kinetic stop motion journey that captures the very essence of humanity, Fabio Friedli’s multi-lauded animation is the aptly… Continue Reading


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A brilliant analogy satire to life on Earth, Happiness tells the story of a rodent’s unrelenting quest for happiness and fulfillment. Cutts imagines humanity as a horde of rats, adored by the marketing god, bewitched by Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday.… Continue Reading


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David Brundige’s short Haircut is a well-written fight verbal sequence, but in a way it is depicted with the same attention to rhythm and space that any good action flick would. In the film a modern couple devolves into increasingly vicious recrimination when, to her… Continue Reading

Big data “L1ZY”

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Directed by John Carlucci and Brandon LaGanke (GHOST + COW), BIG DATA “L1ZY” follows a regular, suburban American family who purchase an Alexa-style smart home device to make their lives easier and more efficient. When the A.I. assistant, capable of learning… Continue Reading

Tokyo project

Set in Japan’s capital, Tokyo Project tells the story of a mysterious romance between two strangers (played by Elisabeth Moss and Ebon Moss-Bachrach) as they explore the hidden treasures of the city. Written and directed by longtime Girls collaborator Richard Shepard, who helmed several of the HBO series’… Continue Reading


Angelina is a 22 year old community college student, yearning to get out of her small town. However, her online persona, Lolz-ita, is anything but average. With a huge Instagram following, she gets thousands of likes on her feminist, sex-positive,… Continue Reading


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Krishna and Garfield wake up after a boozy night out, hungover and confused. Guarded, the two awkwardly dance around each other and the events of the previous evening, with pieces of the puzzle slowly added to paint a fuller picture of how… Continue Reading

La Huida

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La Huida (The runaway in the english version) from director Víctor Carrey, is one of those films that gives the viewer too many details right at the beginning. However, it does neatly tie everything up in the end, from the random passing… Continue Reading

It began without warning

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There’s not much story to “It began without warning”; it’s more about the immediate and intense thrills and the completely unanswered questions, thrown into a quick and tense 5-minute short.  One could imagine that this piece is simply a “proof-of-concept”… Continue Reading

Passion gap

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Passion Gap by writer/director duo Matt Portman and Jason Donald is one of those rare films that make you realize that the human condition is more than a struggle for many and that life across the world isn’t as familiar as… Continue Reading