Crying In Techno by Cream Soda & Хлеб

Cream Soda are two Moscow-based producers, Dima Nova and Ilya Gadaev. Cream Soda’s music is full of the warmth of vintage synthesizers, classic house vibes and captivating vocals. Cream Soda is honest, festive house music with a late Eighties-early Nineties groove that sounds great in any decent club. During the coronavirus quarantine, Russians are dancing on their own and loving it. Apartment dwellers across the Russian-speaking world are taking to their balconies to emulate the “Crying In Techno” music video by Russian pop act Cream Soda, which shows band members and other characters dancing on balconies in increasingly absurd ways. The result is a virtual flashmob whose dress code can best be described as…nonexistent.

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