Big data “L1ZY”

Directed by John Carlucci and Brandon LaGanke (GHOST + COW), BIG DATA “L1ZY” follows a regular, suburban American family who purchase an Alexa-style smart home device to make their lives easier and more efficient. When the A.I. assistant, capable of learning and improving as it goes, starts to increasingly interfere with its owners schedules, needs and (very personal) desires, things soon take a sinister turn. The nine-minute horror comedy is a laugh-out-loud interpretation of our increasing dependence on technology. “We are very scared of A.I. and this is the main inspiration for the piece. It is a very real threat; hence why we classify (BIG DATA – “L1ZY”) as a horror short film” the directors confess. Using the film as a music video, with the track cleverly interspersed throughout was a brilliant PR decision, but the fact that the film works as a standalone comedy as well, is a real stroke of genius from the GHOST + COW duo.

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