Bolero is a 1984 American romantic drama film starring Bo Derek, and written and directed by her husband John Derek. The film centers on the protagonist’s sexual awakening and her journey around the world to pursue an ideal first lover who will take her virginity. Executive producer and Cannon Films co-head Menahem Golan urged the Dereks to make the sex scenes more explicit, despite the latter party’s objections on the basis that the scenes were strong enough. The film was initially to be distributed by MGM as part of an ongoing deal with Cannon, and Bo Derek screened the film to the studio’s then-CEO Frank Yablans hoping that he would intervene with Golan on the matter of the erotic content. Yablans disliked the film as much as all the other films Cannon was delivering to MGM. When the producers refused to cut the film to avoid an X rating by the MPAA, MGM dropped the film due to standards policies and Cannon released Bolero themselves.  It was nominated for nine Golden Raspberry Awards and won six, including “Worst Picture,” “Worst Actress,” “Worst Director,” and “Worst Screenplay.” In 1990, the film was nominated for, but lost the Razzie Award for “Worst Picture of the Decade.” 

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