Candy is a 1968 sex farce film directed by Christian Marquand based on the 1958 novel by Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg, from a screenplay by Buck Henry. High school student Candy (former Miss Teen Sweden Ewa Aulin) seemingly descends to Earth from space. In the relatively simple satiric plot, she naively endures an escalating series of situations in which her oblivious allure triggers satirical porn-film-like encounters. It stars Marlon BrandoEwa AulinRichard Burton and Ringo Starr between others. Candy was one of many psychedelic movies that appeared as the ’60s ended, along with Yellow SubmarineThe Trip,Psych-Out, and Head. The film opened to mixed box office, but later became a cult classic from the psychedelic years of film. It was the 18th highest grossing film of 1968.

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