Child’s play

Child’s Play is a 1988 American slasher film directed and co-written by Tom Holland, and produced by David Kirschner from a story by Don Mancini. Catherine Hicks plays a widowed mother who gives her son a doll for his birthday, unaware that the doll is possessed by the soul of an infamous serial killer. It is the first film in the Child’s Play series and the first installment to feature the character Chucky. It also stars Dinah Manoff, Chris Sarandon, Alex Vincent, and Brad Dourif. Child’s Play was filmed in Chicago, Illinois for on-location scenes. Don Mancini, the creator of the doll, confirmed that he modelled it after the Cabbage Patch Kids. On the other hand, he affirmed that My Buddy dolls also played a role in Chucky’s design. The film grossed more than $44 million against a production budget of $9 million. Along with the film gaining a cult following, the box office success spawned a series of six sequels, along with merchandise and comic books.

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