Matt Porter’s Damage short film is just a perfectly executed little slice of life; short, understated, and hilarious, and also, it’s still emotionally real. It’s the kind of film that covers a spectrum of highs and lows in just seven minutes. Mitch & Emma’s breakup is interrupted by Ryan, a stranger looking to buy Mitch’s bass amp.Porter really nails the script. He gets to the central joke quickly, in which a random dude interrupts this couple at a very emotional and awkward moment. But, the film reveals itself to be about more than the punchline. When you get to Kate Eastman’s monologue towards the end, the film sneaks in some real honest and emotional stuff. Her speech serves as a well-performed and well-written climax about love, loss, and moving on, expertly juxtaposing the heavier material with terrifically timed cutaways to a clueless internet bystander.


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