Growth is a short film by Sil van der Woerd, that portrays the rise and downfall of a family over the course of 20 years, in one living room, in a single shot. Rather than attempting to execute a complicated single-take in real-time, Woerd employs fancy camera rig technology to subsequently stitch together disparate shots into a seamless whole. In this way he is able to tell a time-compressed story collapsing 18-years into one continuous move. Set within a single home, Growth tells the up-and-down fortunes of a family over the course of those 18 years. Casting 4 different actors for each of the children, we see a family come together and be pulled apart by their anger and by time. Not only do the children change, but the home, the weather, and the seasons all progress, via cleverly hidden scene changes as the camera gently rotates and swoops.

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