Help I’m alive by Metric

Metric are a Canadian rock band founded in 1998 in Toronto. The band consists of Emily Haines (lead vocals, synthesizers, guitar, tambourine, harmonica, piano), James Shaw (guitar, synthesizers, theremin, backing vocals), Joshua Winstead (bass, synthesizers, backing vocals) and Joules Scott-Key (drums, percussion). The band started in 1998 as a duo formed by Haines and Shaw with the name “Mainstream”. After releasing an EP titled Mainstream EP, they changed the band’s name to Metric, after a sound that was programmed by Shaw on his keyboard.  In 2001, Winstead and Scott-Key joined them. Metric’s music style has been described as indie and alternative rock, with elements of new wave, post-punk revival, synthpop, dance-rock. Sounds generated by synthesizers are prominent in their songs.

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