Homosapien by PVT

PVT are a 3-piece band based in London and Sydney. They are currently signed to Brooklyn imprint Felte and have released on Warp Records in the past. Band members are Richard Pike, Laurence Pike and Dave Miller. In 2010, the group decided to remove the vowels from their name Pivot after a legal claim was made from an American band of the same name. Although in print it is ‘PVT’, the band can legally be called Pivot in all territories outside USA. Richard Pike said “It was frustrating and kind of ridiculous, but it became quickly obvious that it was a legal battle in the US we may not even win, and one we just couldn’t afford to lose. So in the end, we weren’t fazed by it. Altering the name just seemed to be another step in the process for the record to come out and be heard… At the end of the day it’s small change…”

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