How to conquer a land by And the golden choir

Following his critically acclaimed 2015 debut Another Half Life, Tobias Siebert now returns with a second solo full-length called Breaking With Habits in early 2018. Deep in the heart of what appears to be Berlin’s unstoppable gentrification process, treasures of sub-culture are still there, hidden between the countless posh cafés and vegan burgers stops. In a backyard close to a highly discussed construction site which will soon inhabit a big posh fashion retailer lie a lot of offices and hidden recording studios like the one of Siebert. ‘When we opened that place, there was literally nothing around here,’ he explains. That was in 2006 and since that time the Radio Buellebrueck Studio has become a constant home base for some of Germany’s finest independent music productions, including records for FOTOS, Me And My Drummer and Enno Bunger. Tobias Siebert established himself as a reliable force for those who’d like their productions ambitious, with a high level of musicality and creative stubbornness. The studio is his private place of creative retreat, the place where his countless musical ideas come to life. And The Golden Choir is the alias that manifests everything.

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