I’m in here

In Willy Berliner’s I’m in Here, a man finds a family of strangers in his house and has an extremely difficult time asking them to leave. Don (Dave Hanson), sees a family of strangers moving into his house claiming to have bought it. The thing is that he had no plans of selling it. Both parties agree to cohabitate until the mix-up gets resolved, but then the pushy house guests acclimate themselves more and more to his personal space and Don just keep accommodating. Berliner was interested in how far people will go to avoid confrontation, and I’m in Here is an extreme exploration of that idea. Don starts off understanding and genial, but the invaders keep taking advantage of him, subsuming his life piece by piece. We all await the point of no return, for Don to be pushed to his breaking point, but instead of putting his foot down, and subsequently creating a conflict, the lead goes all the way. He almost erases himself, his own existence, all for the purpose of avoiding the inevitable.

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