Najlepszy (Breaking the limits in the english version) is Łukasz Palkowski’s directorial debut, with a script by Agatha Dominik and Maciej Karpiński. It tells the story of Jerzy Górski, a man who until the release of the film, was virtually unknown to the Polish audience. The movie takes us from the darkest depths of Górski’s drug addiction to the 1990 World Triathlon Championships Double Ironman competition, where he set the world record (24:47:46). As the 29th Polish Film Festival in America describes it, the film is an “extraordinary story of a man who found himself on a verge of self-annihilation only to overcome his addictions and succeed in the most unbelievable way”. The film premiered in Poland in November 2017; and it has already been screened internationally, winning the Best Debut Actor award (Kamila Kaminska in the role of Górski’s girlfriend) and Best Production Design award at the 2017 Polish Film Festival.

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