Nursery Rhymes

The kind of short film where you’ll need a minute to recover after the credits roll, Tom Noakes’ Nursery Rhymes disorientates its audience initially via a surreal, contextless opening. Confusion gives way to a slowly unfolding puzzle however, serving up revelations all the way through to its emotional close, when it delivers a gut-punch. From the extremely creative screenplay, to the perfect execution and performances, this five minute film creates a dense atmosphere that will leave viewers paralyzed long after its unsettling conclusion. Instantly inspired after encountering Will Goodfellow’s script, and the idea that “courage asks unexpected things from us”, Tom Noakes got to work crafting his vision of how to translate the script to the screen as effectively as possible. With extensive commercial experience, Noakes was not afraid of a story that would require a high-concept production and test his limits and those of his crew.

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