A 20 minute dialogue-driven dramedy where two people literally sit in one place for the film’s entire duration isn’t exactly the easiest sell for an online audience. But in Joe Gillette’s sweet and expertly performed little slice of life is the type of two-hander bound to appeal to lovers of subtle meet-cutes and good dialogue. A crisp evening. The quiet melancholy of the best man in a wedding staring at the reception that we, the audience, aren’t privy to see. It’s just an engaging little conversation between two people who form an unexpected connection. It’s funny and sweet but never sugary. The kind of a thing that will embolden the romantic sap inside of everyone, without being so cloying that it feels forced. Gillette really captures a moment here. That may seem like a broad statement, but Reception just so effortlessly relates a certain vibe. Reception was created by small crew of 8 one chilly night in January. In order to capture the natural progression of the real time conversation, most takes were over 20 minutes long, with the actors running through the entire screenplay.

Reception from Joe Gillette on Vimeo.

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