Roar  is a 1981 film starring real life married couple, Tippi Hedren and Noel Marshall. In addition to starring in the film, Marshall also directed and wrote the film, producing it together with Hedren. Tippi’s real-life daughter Melanie Griffith plays her on-screen daughter, also named Melanie. Noel’s real-life sons John and Jerry also star in it. The film was in production for 11 years, cost $17 million, and made only $2 million worldwide. The film is about Hank (Marshall), who lives contentedly with his wild animals: four tiger cubs, two elephants and 110 tigers, lions,leopards and cheetahs. One day his family (wife and 3 children) arrive to visit him. The only trouble is he is not at home, but all his animals are. The visiting family are in for one shocking experience. Over 70 of the cast and crew were injured during the production of this film. Cinematographer Jan de Bont had his scalp lifted by a lion, resulting in 220 stitches. Tippi Hedren received a fractured leg and also had scalp wounds. Griffith was attacked severely, receiving 100 stitches and reconstructive surgery to her face. This occurred after an elephant bucked her off it’s back while she was riding it. She was also bitten in the neck by a lion and required 38 stitches. This incident can also be seen in the film. Noel was attacked so many times that he eventually was diagnosed with gangrene. Due to the injuries, turnover was high as many did not want to return to the set. Some of the lions also suffered from illnesses that reduced their population.  John Marshall was bitten by one of the lions and required 56 stitches. His brother Jerry was bitten in the foot while wearing tennis shoes. He later jokingly said the lion had a “tennis shoe fetish.”Assistant Director Doron Kauper had his throat bitten open, his jaw was bitten, and one of the lions attempted to rip an ear off. He was also injured in the head, chest, and thigh. Although it has been reported that the attack nearly proved fatal.


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