Romper Stomper

Romper Stomper is a 1992 Australian crime drama film written and directed by Geoffrey Wright, starring Russell Crowe, Daniel Pollock, Jacqueline McKenzie and Tony Lee. The film follows the exploits and downfall of a neo-Nazi group in blue-collar suburban Melbourne. Geoffrey Wright’s script was inspired by the highly publicised crimes of leading Melbourne Neo-Nazi skinhead Dane Sweetman. Wright contacted Sweetman via mail in 1991, to request an interview. Sweetman was at that time in the process of serving a life sentence in Pentridge Prison for murder. The interview could not be arranged in a timely manner due to prison regulations, so the two men commenced correspondence, and Sweetman furnished Wright with a transcript of his murder trial, from which Wright drew influence. This influence is most clearly seen in the line delivered by Hando when scaring off squatters from the warehouse: “I’ll chop your legs off”. It is a direct reference to Sweetman’s having cut off the legs of his victim.

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  1. The above scene was filmed at the Richmond Train Station In Melbourne. Dane and his crew enjoyed waiting for the gooks to come wandering into the underpass at the Footscray Station and there they would fight. Not like as shown at first but decent good fights. 88!

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