So far to go by Chrome Sparks

Chrome Sparks is the project of Jeremy Malvin, a 22 year old musician and producer living in Brooklyn by way of Pittsburgh and Ann Arbor.  With a background in classical percussion, Jeremy combines his love for synthesizers, beat music, and dance music into a unique blend. Just before he started studying percussion at University of Michigan, Jeremy bought a pair of Technics 1200s on craigslist.  Once in school, he lied and told people he could DJ, and after a few months of spinning house party after house party, that became true.  The next summer, he was one of the finalists in the Lollapalooza DJ competition (as Professor Purple), which inspired him to take his DJing more seriously. This is an unofficial music video created by David Dean Burkhart. The footage is from various commercials from the 1980’s (hence the slow motion shots of jeans and people chewing gum).

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