André the giant

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André the Giant is a 2018 TV documentary film based on the life of French professional wrestler and actor André René Roussimoff (better known as André the Giant). The documentary covers André’s life with gigantism. The film features professional wrestlers and media personalities such as Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Pat… Continue Reading

À nos amours

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À Nos Amours (To Our Loves in the english version) is a 1983 French drama film directed by Maurice Pialat and written by Arlette Langmann and Pialat, about a 15-year-old girl named Suzanne (Bonnaire) who experiences her sexual awakening and becomes promiscuous, but is unable to… Continue Reading

Au revoir là-haut

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Au revoir là-haut (See you up there in the english version) is a 2017 French drama film written, directed and starred by Albert Dupontel, adapted from the novel The Great Swindle (Au revoir là-haut in French) by Pierre Lemaitre. The film mixes high craft, surrealist humor… Continue Reading


Originally shot in the mid-70s, Agnès Varda’s vérité documentary Daguerréotypes has aged splendidly, acquiring flavors that would’ve been inconceivable at the time it was made. Back then, Varda hauled her camera around her Paris neighborhood on the Rue Daguerre, intending to capture what… Continue Reading

Ne le dis à personne

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Ne le dis à person (Tell no one in the english version) is a 2006 French thriller film directed by Guillaume Canet and based on the novel of the same name by Harlan Coben. An innocent man is on the run after he’s accused of murder and his spouse seemingly… Continue Reading

À bout de souffle

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À bout de souffle (Breathless in the english version) is a 1960 French film written and directed by Jean-Luc-Godard about a petty criminal (Jean-Paul Belmondo) and his American girlfriend (Jean Seberg). It was Godard’s first feature-length work and represented Belmondo’s breakthrough as an… Continue Reading