The city light died by Sleep party people

Sleep Party People was formed in 2008 as a project of Brian Batz, influenced by artists like Boards Of CanadaDavid Lynch and Erik Satie, starting a unique proposal of the Danish music scene. Since its beginning, the one-man project has been characterized by wearing rabbit masks in his photoshoots and live performances. Quickly gaining a great acceptance, Sleep Party People was featured in Soundvenue, a magazine covering the Danish music scene. After this, the record label Neh-Owh Records chose two of his songs to be featured in a compilation EP. In the end of 2009, Batz signed with the label A:larm Music. In 2010, he released his self-titled debut album with 10 songs. With this success, Batz was featured in Dutch and British magazines. His first album was reviewed favorably: it was called “one of the strangest and most beautiful released in a long, long time”, and “a hazy, dreamy and wondrous debut album” by two of the largest newspapers in Denmark.

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