The climb

Kyle just got out of a relationship, so his best bud Mike takes him out for a bike ride. Exercising in the outdoors sounds like the perfect way to help him process the break-up, until Mike gets something off his chest that jeopardizes the healing purpose of the afternoon, and even their friendship. The Climb is a standout fan-favorite at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, in which writer/director Michael Covino delivers eight minutes of very entertaining comedy where one man’s tragedy is the audience’s cause for laughter. The result is an almost perfect fusion of quality: in the script, its setting, the performances, and the production, and the clever interplay of all these elements is irresistible. The messiness of life, love, and friendships serve as the inspiration for the film, and Covino imbues it with authenticity, starring in the film himself along with his producer Kyle Marvin, playing characters that share their own names. Wanting to make a film that would rely on a simple, inexpensive concept, Covino, an avid bike rider himself, got the idea for The Climb while riding his bike.  As he was enjoying the peace and harmony of the ride, it occurred to him that a friend’s betrayal would be a devastating disruption to such a pleasant moment.

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