The procedure

A man is kidnapped and forced to endure a strange experiment. A short film by Calvin Reeder, winner of the Sundance Short Film Jury Award: U.S Fiction. Reeder said about the short: “Yeah, this isn’t something that comes premeditated, it just clicked. I just told [my girlfriend] and she was…appalled but also laughing and then it just kinda continued into the next day. Y’know, just the idea. And I said “Hey, what if…?” and then I wrote it as a couple page script. Then, I started sending it to my friends and they responded to it really well just on the naked page. I was pretty excited by their reactions because I knew we had something”. Reeder is a director, writer, and actor known for V/H/S (2012), The Procedure (2016) and The Rambler (2013). His films have won awards at Sundance, Sarasota, AFI Dallas, and Fantastic Fest. He began his film career while employed as a construction worker in Seattle, Wa. He now lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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