Time by Alex Calder

Edmonton, Canada native Alex Calder first made his name in indie rock when he moved to Vancouver and played drums in the group Makeout Videotape. Featuring fellow future Captured Tracks label mate Mac DeMarco, the group existed between 2008-2010, and released a series of CD-R EPs and an album, 2010’s Ying Yang. After the duo parted ways, Calder moved back to Edmonton and began crafting music that was a woozy bedroom pop take on the Beach Boys, mixed with a little Hall & Oates. First going under the name Collage Party, he released songs on blogs and Bandcamp before signing with Captured Tracks, moving to Montreal, and ditching the band name in favor of his own. His first official release was the Time EP, which came out in early 2013. Calder‘s first full length album, the murky and mysterious Strange Dreams, was released by Captured Tracks almost two years later. This is an unofficial music video edited by Bek Barahi.

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