Todos están muertos

Todos estan muertos (They are all dead in the english version) is a film by Beatriz Sanchís. What if you were an agoraphobic 1980s Spanish rock star living with your Mexican mother, and your brother returned from the dead to visit you? Maybe not the most pressing of questions, but the answer to it, in the form of They Are All Dead, is quietly engrossing and unsettling. Featuring a nicely-judged balance between magic and realism, memorable atmospherics and a typically bravura performance from Elena Anayav(best known to non-Spanish viewers from Almodovar’s The Skin I Live In), Beatriz Sanchis’ debut has plenty of first-timer flaws but also a contagious bravery and freshness that makes her one to watch in the sadly limited field of Spanish women directors.

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