Ummah unter Freunden

Ummah under Freunden (Ummah among friends in the english version) is a 2013 Comedy-Drama film. After killing two skinheads in a failed operation against NeoNazis, young undercover intelligence agent Daniel finds a hiding place and new friends in Berlins Turkish-Arab community. Realistic and witty, Berlin filmmaker Cüneyt Kaya shows the rapprochement of two worlds which seem violently opposed.  In his own words: ‘I always wanted to tell a story set in the Islamic culture in Germany from a realistic, critical and humorous perspective. Too often stories about Muslims and migrants are reduced to Taliban, headscarves, youth violence, and several other stereotypes. The world I grew up in, however, is entirely different. Its determined by family ties, caring for each other and the struggle you face if you want to maintain your identity as a Muslim of Turkish origin in Western society.’


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