What once was by Her’s

You may or may not be aware of Her’s (Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading), but the band are slowly and surely beginning to make themselves known across the UK. The duo, quite differently, consist of a guitar player and singer, as well as, a bass player, and a good old drum machine. ‘What Once Was’, and, ‘Dorothy’, have amassed 70,000 plays between them and been praised by just about everyone that has heard them. The band have recently begun hitting the road and have played up and down the UK a fair bit over the last couple of months. From festival appearances at Green Man Festival, and headline shows in the city they are based, Liverpool. Her’s are not like any other dream-pop outfit out there in at the moment in both stature and style. This is an unofficial music video with footage from the film Fascination by Jean Rollin, edited by Dead Swan.

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