Yes, God, yes

Yes, God, Yes is a short film directed by Karen Maine and starring Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer as a 15-year old good Catholic girl who thanks to a racy AOL chat, discovers the act of self-pleasure and all the confusion and emotional turmoil that comes with it. Adolescence is hands-down the most perilous part of our development as human men and women, it is a time of hormonal turbulence as our bodies morph from children into adults and our mental and emotional faculties struggle to adapt at the same pace. The most fraught facet of this experience is one’s sexual awakening, which comes complete with social, moral, and for some even spiritual ramifications. Now, without being too indelicate, the way a lot of us start to discover our sexual selves is through masturbation, that strange combination of pleasure and confusion, indulgence and guilt. And occasionally, young folk can become a little too obsessed with the act, resulting in, well, all sorts of weirdness. This is the thematic jumping off point for Yes, God, Yes.

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