Viceværten (A caretaker’s tale in the english version) is a 2012 Danish drama film directed by theatre director Katrine Wiedemann based on a screenplay by Kim Fupz Aakeson. Per (Lars Mikkelsen) is a bitter, misogynist, caretaker. His wife left him, his son is a drug addict and his back hurts. In his spare free time he drinks beer with neighbour Viborg (Nicolaj Kopernikus). Then he suddenly finds a mysterious naked young woman (Julie Zangenberg) in an empty apartment. Per doesn’t know what to do with the girl who is unable to talk, walk, or eat. The only thing she does is smile mysteriously. Then Per and his friends discover her special gift. Playing far better than it describes, and not without humor, this controversial drama, shot in a gritty, handheld style reminiscent of Dogma 95 pics, won’t be to all tastes but is certain to generate conversation.

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