Arizona dream

Arizona Dream is a 1993 American surrealist comedy drama film co-written and directed by Emir Kusturica and starring Johnny DeppJerry LewisFaye Dunaway, Vincent Gallo and Lili Taylor. Axel has a dream about an Eskimo who catches a rare halibut and brings it back to his family in an igloo. Axel’s cousin Paul coaxes Axel from his job tagging fish in New York City to Arizona to attend his uncle Leo’s trophy wedding to a much younger woman. His uncle tries to persuade him to stay permanently and take over the family business of selling Cadillacs. Axel resists at first, but he decides to give it a try. Many of the Arizona scenes were filmed in Douglas, Arizona and Patagonia, Arizona. The music video for the 1991 Tom Petty song, “Into the Great Wide Open”, was shot during the filming of the movie.

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