Blue series




  1. I like the Blue Series too! I want to buy, and have friends that may be interested as well. Please let me know once you have a few finalized with pricing and US delivery. Congrats!!

  2. Love your paintings, congratulations! Also interested in buying. Are you planning on designing more of your clothing line soon? I am really looking forward to it! Will keep checking 🙂

    • Maybe in a near future because I am working in several things at the same time. I have my fingers in too many pies! 🙂 X

  3. I would love to buy one of the paintings in the blue series. They are gorgeous!!! Are they for sale? Congratulations to the artist!

    • Gracias Mauricio!
      En el momento estoy trabajando en versiones de esas pinturas pero un poco más grandes. Cuando estén terminadas mando las fotos y podemos cuadrar precio, envío, etc
      Un abrazo

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