Chinatown by Starcadian

Starcadian is an independent electronic musician based in Brooklyn, NY. Not much is known about this secretive producer, who first appeared on Soundcloud in late 2011 with the single, ‘Girls Of Midnight’. The follow up hit song ‘HE^RT’ and its music video were an official selection in the 2012 SXSW Music Festival and garnered much praise and attention online. This was followed on Halloween of 2013 by the debut album ‘Sunset Blood’, a dizzying, synth-laden homage to 80s fantasy movies, going so far as to include fully orchestral motifs of songs. Starcadian often refers to his songs as ‘ear movies’, comparing them to films in structure and development. He also directs, designs and provides the visual effects for his own videos, each a mesmerizing trip through fantastical worlds that belong to the greater mythology that is slowly being built song by song.

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