City lights by Husky Rescue

Husky Rescue are a Finnish electronic music band from Helsinki, formed in 2002. The band consists of Marko Nyberg, Johanna Kalén and Antony Bentley. The band was formed by Nyberg, who began composing under the name in 2002, wanting to create cinematic music influenced by film, photography and painting. He has counted film director David Lynch and French composer Erik Satie among his influences. When recording the band’s debut album Country Falls, Nyberg recorded around twenty musicians and singers for use on the album, each of them a good friend of Nyberg’s and all Helsinki-based. The cinematic sceneries found on the debut were further developed on 2007’s Ghost is not real  which turned up the sonic experimentation and detailed production without sacrificing the catchy, pop aesthetic. Nyberg’s sense of dynamics and tendency towards delicacy on the album were described by Pitchfork Media as “an imagined collaboration, perhaps, between Ingmar Bergman and Jean-Pierre Jeunet”. 

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