In the middle of the Winter, on the frozen Saguenay river in Quebec, Canada, Guillaume goes back to old traditions to try to get his honor back. Destrier, by director Philippe David Gagné, playfully uses an anachronism to create a short film that is entertaining with its lighthearted tone and visually gorgeous through its unique location. Set in the winter to utilize the magic feeling of the location, Destrier focuses on the community and traditions around the fjord and the idea that old and new ways are being used in those rural areas as part of everyday life. A film short in dialogue, Destrier keeps its audience in the dark until after the halfway mark, making the reveal all the more appreciated and memorable. Once the cat is out of the bag, the comedy is heightened by the context up until the last moment and the actors sell the absurdity of the whole situation resulting in a succession of funny and ridiculous plot twists.

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