Detrás del espejo

A young husband, and soon-to-be father, works in a sleazy motel with his wife. When one of the night’s customers leaves behind an unexpected mess, the husband’s keen eye for opportunity and quick thinking may change their fortunes forever. Coming in at a brisk 12 minutes, Julio O. Ramos’s stellar festival darling, Detrás del espejo (Behind the Mirrors in the english version), packs more of a wallop than the average studio feature. Criminal intrigue, ethical dilemmas, interpersonal relationships; Ramos manages to cram it all in his short runtime. Yet, amazingly, none of these elements feel underdeveloped. In a sense, this short film serves as a testament to the power of the short form, an important reminder that compelling narrative drama doesn’t have to solely exist in the realm of the 90 minute feature. It won at the Palm Springs Short Fest and Bilbao Film Festival between others.


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