Looking to create a short that captured the multicultural aspect of Switzerland, Christophe Saber’s Discipline is a dialogue-heavy film brimming with strong social themes. Based around conservations in a grocery store, which quickly get out of hand, Saber’s short is sure to provoke discussion from its audience, no matter your background. The film’s gripping plot begins when a father decides to physically discipline his child during a routine shopping trip. The arguments this act ignites between his fellow shoppers soon lead to much more heated interactions, however. “The debate about disciplining children seemed like the perfect narrative tool to talk about our differences in society”, Saber explains as we discuss his motivations behind creating Discipline. Admitting he enjoys listening to people argue/debate, Saber was keen to put dialogue front and centre in his film, so he began with the idea to “write a long conversation that evolves to a dispute and eventually to chaos”.


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