Home at last by Homeshake

Homeshake is the solo musical project of Montreal-based singer-songwriter and musician Peter Sagar, who is best known as the former guitarist for Mac DeMarco’s live band. Homeshake’s music features an indie pop sound, influenced by R&B and smooth soul with a lo-fi, home-recorded aesthetic. Featuring contributions from Mark Goetz, Greg Napier, and Brad Loughead, the project started in 2012. In 2014, he left DeMarco’s live band to focus on the Homeshake project; Fixture Records released his debut cassette, The Homeshake Tape in 2013. This was followed by his debut full-length album, In the Shower (2014) and his sophomore effort, Midnight Snack (2015). His third album under the project, Fresh Air, was released in 2017. This is an unofficial music video with footage edited by Bek Barahi.

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