I kissed a girl and she kissed me by Kid Bloom

After releasing only a handful of singles this year, L.A.’s very own Kid Bloom finally dropped their A Different State of Mind EP, and it is the epitome of ‘70s psychedelia-dipped pop. The quintet is comprised of singer-guitarist Lennon Kloser, singer/guitarist/keyboardist Jesse Perlman, drummer Josh Conway, keyboardist Alex Canter, and bassist Brad Bowers. Listen to “Lately It Feels Alright” with your headphones on if you want to be taken on a road that crosses paths with The Beatles, Tame Impala, and The Strokes. The bass lines completely take over in “I Kissed A Girl, And She Kissed Me” and the trumpet proves to be the star in “Hazy Miss Daisy.” Last but not least, it’s no surprise the title track “A Different State of Mind” has racked up the most plays: it combines all of the best elements of the self-proclaimed psych-pop band. With each song unique in its own right, the four track EP is jam-packed with groovy bass lines, catchy funk, and varying vocals that will take you back to the sounds of the ‘60 and ’70s.

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