I love Luci

Colin Kennedy’s award-winning, unconventional romantic comedy, I Love Luci, is a film about missing teeth, unrequited love and a dog’s destiny to bring two people together. A short with surprising depth, Kennedy’s film cleverly skates between comedy, romance and social commentary, managing to provoke a range of emotions from its audience with in its tight 12-min run-time. In a series of unlucky events, a woman wakes from an intense night of drinking to find that she has lost her dentures, presumably down the toilet. Strolling along with her beloved dog, Luci, and having accepted her misfortune, she is intercepted by a well-intentioned male friend who would love nothing more than to be her translator. A thick accent with a sprinkling of missing teeth make speaking a comically difficult task and adds to the film’s charm. In this way, Kennedy presents a film with a sophisticated version of slapstick comedy coupled with a gritty British undertone true to its class culture.


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