It will happen the next time around by Ruby Haunt

Ruby Haunt (fka Haunt) is a musical project conceived by childhood friends Wyatt Ininns and Victor Pakpour via opposite ends of the coast (Los Angeles and Portland). The duo wrote their first three EPs this way, exchanging musical ideas over email, removed from any sort of immediacy that face-to-face interaction might allow. This time around, and for Ruby Haunt’s first full length album entitled Sugar (2016), Ininns and Pakpour had the chance to compose within the confines of the same four walls, namely in an oceanside studio in Los Angeles. “Royal Moon”, the first single to hail off Sugar, is subdued pop at its very core. With little to no effort on the listener’s end, one can note the duo’s explicit allusions to acts like New Order, Suicide, and Joy Division, while also noticing Ruby Haunt’s unique play on ballad-like synth tunes. This is an unofficial music video edited by Gemma Quevedo with footage from the 1985 film Phenomena.

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