A man alone at night in a booth with a light flickering on an empty parking lot, save for a single deserted car. To kill time the man picks up an iPad from the Lost & Found box and discovers the tale of “The Misunderstood Monster” Larry, a lonely creature that just wants to find a friend. But then the guard begins to see things. With a minimalstic but effective story director Jacob Chase continually builds up tension to make his protagonist, and consequentially the viewer, face his fears. The director actually used to run a haunted house, “Sherwood Scare”, with close friends for three years and saw the film as an opportunity to get back into the horror/suspense mindset and try to make people nervous giggle with fright. Shot in one night with a crew of about 15 people, the filmmaker chose not to use CGI for the creation of Larry and went with an old, altered costume from the days when he was running the haunted house and worked closely with his creature makeup designer to get the desired result.

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