Les petits mouchoirs

Les petits mouchoirs (Little White Lies in the english version) is a 2010 French comedy-drama film written and directed by Guillaume Canet. In a Parisian nightclub, party man Ludo (Jean Dujardin) takes off late at night on his scooter, where he’s blindsided by a truck. Lying between life and death in the hospital, Ludo is visited by his band of longtime pals, who decide that the gruesome crash should not prevent them from embarking on their coveted summer holidays. The french title means “the small handkerchiefs”, which refers to a French expression le mettre dans la poche avec le mouchoir par dessus, which means “to put something in your pocket with your handkerchief on top of it,” in other words to keep something hidden, try to forget about it, not want to think about it. The script took five months to write. The cast lived for three days in May at the house which would be used as a principal filming location, so it would feel familiar to them when they returned in the summer.The film began production in August 2009 and ended in October. The shooting took place in Paris and Cap Ferret. The film was released in France on 20 October 2010.

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