Lessons by Sohn

Sohn, born Christopher Taylor, is an English musician, songwriter, and producer based in Vienna, Austria. After four albums, Taylor dissolved his successful project Trouble Over Tokyo and reinvented himself. In August 2010, he released the first two songs “Warnings” and “Oscillate” under the SOHN moniker through his Soundcloud page. A month later his first EP was announced by the London-base Aesop label. The songs “The Wheel” and “Red Lines” were also streamed online, picking up critical acclaim. The EP “The Wheel” was released on 5 November 2012 in both digital and vinyl formats. On April 2013, 4AD announced that it had signed Sohn. This news coincided with the first official release through 4AD, “Bloodflows”, which Pitchfork Media described as “a vocal showcase and SOHN’s most sorrowful, powerful success yet”,  and GorillaVsBear mentioned as “simple but mesmerizing and extremely effective video”.


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