Porch song by Orchid Mantis

Orchid Mantis is a musical project started in 2014, attempting to incorporate the different sounds and influences, such as tape manipulation, loops, sampling, unusual recording methods, ideas like re-purposing sound and intentionally obscuring or degenerating sound to evoke space into a traditional-style pop songwriting. Certain songs and releases can often emphasize either the more experimental aspects or the more pop aspects, which means there’s a certain openness in what Orchid Mantis could become. Songs are approached as imaginary spaces or environments to become something really catchy. Orchid Mantis performs original compositions inspired by jazz, classical, and drum ‘n’ bass. Members include Nina Deering (vocals/vocoder/synth), Harley Magsino (e-bass), Caitlin Fahey Crow (cello/vocals), Rebecca Matayoshi (viola/vocals), John Smith (violin), Cliff Thrasher (cello), and Isaac Crow (drums/synth).

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