Right up our alley

Right Up Your Alley is an impressive one take video shot by a drone as it makes its way around a bowling alley in Minnesota. While it may look like the video has been edited together, it is all actually one super-long shot, that took 10-12 attempts to get right. The only post-production magic that was used was the audio, as the drone was too loud for them to use the actual sounds in the environment. The purpose of the video was to highlight the importance of local businesses as coronavirus restrictions begin to be lifted. Jay Christensen is the talented aerial director of photography behind the viral drone video with direction from Anthony Jaska. Incidentally, Christensen lives near Bryant-Lake Bowl, the bowling alley in the video and he approached the bowling alley’s owner, Erica Gilbert, and detailed his vision of celebrating the venue’s uniqueness. Christensen spent 2020 honing his skills on the first person view drone (FPV) and felt up to a new creative challenge.

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