Saatanan Kanit

Teemu Niukkanen’s Saatanan Kanit (Fucking Bunnies in the english version) is an absurd comedy about a “normal” man pushed too far and the limits of tolerance, but aside from its themes, it is also just a guaranteed good time. With a flawless comedy craft, the film is hilariously entertaining, and a standout of the genre. n the suburbs of Helsinki live Raimo and his wife, a middle class couple whose liberal views will be put to the test when new neighbors move in next door. Raimo thinks himself the picture of progressive acceptance, but when affable satanists enter his life, Raimo is not so accommodating. The central joke, often repeated, but never losing its effectiveness, is that Maki is a great guy. Yes, he named his son “Pasi” (which he informs Raimo is “pussy” in English), and yes he holds late night orgies, and tortures slaves (consensually though), but Maki is warm, polite, and gives solid advice. A suburban devil-worshipping sex cult is on the surface offensive, but it’s hard to object to their manner or neighbourliness.

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