Skywatch is a near-future sci-fi vision directed by Colin Levy, centering on two teen boys who hack an ubiquitous consumer drone delivery service called NexPort in order to prank their neighbors. Naturally things go badly, and when a dangerous conspiracy is uncovered by the pair, they attract unwanted attention from the Amazon-esque corporation pulling strings behind the scenes. NexPort will stop at nothing to keep their secrets hidden, placing the boys in immediate danger. In this era of Stranger Things, the phrase “Amblin-esque” is over-used, referring to the Spielberg-founded production company that gave us E.T. and Gremlins, but I’ll apply it anyway. Skywatch really aims to invoke the pleasures of those 80’s kids movies, fusing action/adventure escapades with aspects of a high-concept thriller in a way that is kid-friendly but not shorn of all sense of danger. The stakes of the film feel real and high while maintaining, at its core, a slightly corny innocence familiar to works of that era.

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