Société Anonyme by Lower dens

Lower Dens are an American indie pop band from Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The band was formed in 2010 by Jana Hunter, Geoff Graham, Abram Sanders and Will Adams. The idea for the band formed when Jana Hunter, at that time performing as a solo artist under her own name, grew tired of touring and decided to take a hiatus from the road. For her final tour before this planned hiatus, she put together a backing band. The enjoyment Hunter got from playing with a band versus performing as a solo artist gave her the idea to form Lower Dens: “During that tour, I realised that it wasn’t the touring life that I hated, but more so that the kind of music I wrote as a solo artist wasn’t something I felt entirely comfortable sharing in a performance setting. Lower Dens then was eventual result of the decision to make music with the specific intention of sharing and enjoying it with others.” This is an unofficial music video edited by David Dean Burkhart.

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