Streetlight by John Maus

An unofficial music video from Streetlight by John Maus with footage from the 1981 film Ms.45. John Maus is an American avant-garde musician, and composer. A keyboard player for Panda Bear and Ariel Pinkhe has released three albums of his own music to acclaim. He is known for his eclectic samples when composing, “an almost absurd mix,  a stand-off between taut, bass-driven post-punk, whooshing electro-pop and, thanks to the chants and bleak intoning, Medieval and Gregorian disco”. Maus is known for the energy of his performances, and the intellectually advanced nature of his composition. A 2012 review of a London performance in The Guardian noted him to be a “ferocious theoretician” in particular given his quoting of Alain Badiou in the title of his album We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves. The review also remarked on the physical nature of his live shows, “Prowling the stage alone like a patient who has given his care nurse the slip, Maus pogos, head-bangs and gives vent to a succession of feral howls as he jack-knifes at the waist, singing over pre-recorded tapes in what he self-effacingly describes as his “karaoke show”.”

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