The tenant

The Tenant is a 1976 psychological thriller film directed by Roman Polanski, in which a bureaucrat rents a Paris apartment where he finds himself drawn into a rabbit hole of dangerous paranoia. It stars Polanski, Isabelle AdjaniMelvyn Douglas, and Shelley Winters. It is based upon the 1964 novel Le locataire chimérique by Roland ToporThe film is also known under the French title Le Locataire. It is the last film in Polanski’s “Apartment Trilogy”, following Repulsion and Rosemary’s Baby. The film was shot part in English, part in French, going by whatever the actors present felt more comfortable with. Afterwards, different language versions were produced in post-production, with part of the cast dubbing themselves in both the fully English and the fully French version, while the rest of the French characters were notably dubbed by actors with audibly US American accents. Polanski dubbed himself in three language versions: English, French, and Italian. Isabelle Adjani did not dub herself in the English version. It was entered into the 1976 Cannes Film Festival.

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