Vanilla fraise by L’Impératrice

With a taste of orgies and other odd adventures, L’Impératrice (‘the Empress’ in French) takes you on a spiritual trip, on an Odyssée, throughout past and future decades of disco-inspired sounds with a cinematic twist. Like a dozen other self-produced acts originating from Paris that rule today’s French alternative music scene, Charles de Boisseguin’s project started in his bedroom. He first worked as a music critic for six years within some of the most popular culture media outlets in France, such as Trax and Les Inrockuptibles. He and his mates also created a magazine called Keith, which he says was a “homage to all the great Keiths (Richards, Haring) who contributed to pop culture”. This established what would be his musical training: one day, the former journalist felt he couldn’t carry on criticising other people’s work without even being able to make music himself. Starting from the very bottom, as he had never taken classes before, Charles used what he had at his disposal at his parents’ house to play around with and experiment. The self-produced six-piece band from Paris have released three EPs, among which is Odyssée, which came out a year ago exactly, and they are currently working on their first full-length album.

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